From the Big Screen to the Little Screen: The evolving relationship between TV and search – Brian Solis

There’s no longer a doubt that we are becoming a society of multiscreeners. The reality is that people will watch TV while multitasking on other devices. They do so now without benefit of your vision or direction. Their second and third screen experience is for the most part theirs to define and yours to study. At some point however, the multiscreen and viewer experience will benefit from your architecture and in doing so, your business will benefit as well.

Mobile apps, social ads, Twitter and Facebook engagement, these are all initial areas of investment. I’d like to take the next several hundred words to explore a much simpler but also important aspect of multiscreening. Here, I’m specifically speaking to any business that either creates programming, advertises on TV, places products in shows, or is active in any industry that popular shows touch upon.

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