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This Is How Click Bait Can Make Your Ads Better

  Everybody trying to eat each other. For years traditional agencies have been acquiring or developing digital resources with varying degrees of success. And as digital agencies have become powerhouses in their own right, it’s only natural that they have begun to eye a broader spectrum of communications to sustain growth. While the traditionals (agencies) are(…)


Data – Getting to know you!

IN “DIVERGENT”, A book series and Hollywood film, humans in a post-apocalypse Chicago are split into five different groups according to their aptitudes and values. All 16-year-olds take a test to be categorised for life. The world of online advertising is not quite as rigid as that, but gathering information about users and grouping them(…)


Facebook Extends Reach With New Advertising Platform

The product, called Atlas, is a re-engineered version of the Atlas Advertiser Suite business Facebook purchased from Microsoft Corp. in 2013. It promises to help marketers understand which Facebook users have seen, interacted with or acted upon ads that appear both on Facebook’s services and on third-party websites and apps. It will also provide an automated ad-buying tool(…)


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