inside-digital-1We’ve met with an overwhelming response to the launch of, as well as the question ‘Why?’

Why was born?

The world of media is becoming increasingly complex with the proliferation of digital technologies that are infecting all mediums from television, print, and even OOH media channels.

Digital is everywhere and is becoming the catalyst for change across the media and advertising industry, as platforms begin to contend with the measurability inherent in digital, as well as the implications of search and social consumer behavior on brands. was born to help provide a single source of intelligence to brand marketers. We’re here to harness the collective intelligence of global media, advertising, and technology, and to provide expert advice and opinion pieces on those topics most important to brand marketers:

  • Metrics, analytics, and ROI of digital marketing programs
  • Unifying and integrating digital with traditional
  • Finding the right marketing mix to allocate budget across channels
  • Creating lasting impact via social media to sustain effects of marketing campaigns
  • Keeping up or missing out – the technological advancements shaping the landscape
  • Organizational structure and knowledge sharing – escaping silo thinking

Most of all we welcome your feedback and look forward to the journey together!

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