Digital Advertising

Do you know where your clicks come from? (infographic)

Marketers today are running ad campaigns across a wide range of channels, platforms, and devices, but 58% still rely on single-touch attribution models (i.e., first/last click, first/last touch). Perhaps even more surprising is that only 54% of marketers have an attribution system in place at all. Without a sophisticated attribution model taking multiple customer touchpoints into account,(…)


Electronic billboards are going to know who’s watching them

Those electronic billboards that adorn highways are dumb displays, and a new startup called Pecabu wants to smarten them up. “Digital outdoor advertising is mostly really stupid,” CEO and founder Rob Smith told VentureBeat. “There’s no feedback, no results, no targeting, no metrics.” “Online ads are murdering DOOH [the digital, out-of-home advertising market],” he added, because of online’s ability(…)


Are ad networks ruining Christmas?

“Are you aware you might be ruining Christmas?” is how I started, and ended, an interview with one popular ad network recently. I’m not surprised that the companies delivering ads across a majority of websites do not want to talk about this. Delivering remarketed or retargeted ads based on the websites you’ve visited, and the(…)


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