5 Tools for Cross-Device Ad Targeting

Ad targeting was relatively straightforward back when consumers relied exclusively on their desktops to consume online content. But as the number of gadgets owned by consumers has increased over time — the average U.S. household now has 5.7 connected devices, including desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones — ad targeting has become considerably more complicated. Advertisers are racing to track(…)


CPG Marketers Are Going Digital With Loyalty Programs

Not long ago, packaged-goods brands were accused of being slow movers in digital. Now, that reputation is changing as more marketers enlist social media and mobile to link loyalty programs with real-world data. While big-name brands like Coca-Cola and Kraft invest in building up their own programs, a new crop of smaller marketers—including Post Foods—are piggybacking on data platforms to(…)


Mobile Now Exceeds PC: The Biggest Shift Since the Internet Began

Internet usage on mobile now exceeds desktop. The time has come to consider integration of mobile-friendly versions of all mission-critical assets.

If you’re still struggling to leverage the website to support goals, you have some catching up to do, as the landscape has recently experienced a tectonic shift.

Mobile Exceeds PC Internet Usage for First Time in History

In early 2014, the landscape in which businesses operate changed forever when Internet usage on mobile devices exceeded PC usage.

It has taken considerable time for businesses and brands to embrace the potential of the Internet. Today, most recognize the Internet as a vital foundation for everything from operations to marketing and sales to logistics, CRM, and customer service.

Still, many businesses and brands struggle to truly leverage the digital landscape to meet the expectations of their customers. Many more will struggle with the migration of audiences (customers) to mobile.

The time has come to seriously consider integration of mobile-friendly versions of all mission-critical assets: applications, data, the website, communications, demos, sales materials, customer service, etc.



Canadians Are More Mobile-Savvy Than Others Around the World, Says New PayPal Study

Ahead of a global rebrand, PayPal has launched a study that says “Canadians are ready to embrace mobile.”

According to the study, Canadians are more mobile savvy than others around the world, with the majority (56 percent) having used a mobile device for an online transaction. In comparison, less than half of Americans do the same. One in four Canadians is looking for an easier way to pay from their mobile device.

If everyone could accept online or mobile payments, nearly half of Canadians (48 percent) would use their mobile more often to pay for everything from fresh produce to handmade goodies at their farmer’s markets or local stores.

Moreover, when it comes to shopping online, similar to people around the world, one-third of Canadians are frustrated with having to enter payment details or remember multiple pins and passwords. If a site requires a customer to sign up or register before making a purchase, they’re apt to lose more than half of prospective sales in Italy (52 percent), Canada(51 percent) and Spain (50 percent).

More than half of Canadians (51 percent) are annoyed to find added taxes or hidden charges at the last checkout screen.



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