Connected TVs Will Rule US by 2017 – Study

In a new study, eMarketer predicts that 54% of Americans will use a connected TV to access the Internet at least once a month by 2017. No matter whether their TV sets are smart or dumb, more than half of US consumers will be regularly accessing the Internet through some kind of connected TV gadget(…)


Programmatic Buying Won’t Be Complete Until TV Comes on Board

Programmatic ad buying has made the real-time revolution a reality. But true cross-channel marketing won’t be complete until TV joins the mix. There’s no question that cross-channel marketing delivers results. And audience-driven programmatic buying has made cross-channel even more powerful. It turns out that planning, buying and running campaigns across channels, platforms and devices really(…)


The CMO’s Guide to Addressable TV Advertising

It sounds like a marketer’s dream: Send a specific TV commercial to an individual household. But it’s actually real — just with plenty of caveats. You’ve surely heard of addressable advertising, but here’s what you need to know. THE BASICS Reach: Addressable ads are currently available in up to 42 million households through live TV and(…)


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