Going native: How travel marketers can navigate the new content marketing landscape

The digital media landscape is completely transforming. Consumers are bombarded with content and the marketer’s quest to be heard among the noise can be an overwhelming challenge.

As a solution, publishers are integrating advertising into media content with native ad units to grab the attention of consumers who are desensitized to standard display advertising online.

Native advertising formats simplify a crowded and desensitized environment and brings various opportunities offering a seamless, disruption-free digital experience with in-stream ads, branded content and more. For consumers, original branded content becomes part of their natural discovery habits.

For brands and ad agencies, new premium positioning is available to attract attention, engagement, and message syndication.

This form of advertising is quickly becoming the ad unit of choice because it provides a fully integrated site experience for deep consumer engagement.

Content marketing, a broader strategy beyond the standard ad format, is centered on storytelling through consumer passion points with the lines between content and advertising slightly blurred.

Native ads are providing an effective new way to drive brand attribute without directly selling and it is content that is meant to be shared socially. 

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