Marketers: Make Sure You Get the Audience You’re Buying

Audience data can help drives campaign performance, but is all data created equally? Here are six questions marketers should ask their data providers. Earlier this year, Winterberry Group released the results of its programmatic survey, which revealed that data-driven marketing will increase 17.1% this year, reaching an astounding $20.6 billion in revenue. Moreover, 91% of marketers(…)


Cross-Device Tracking: Don’t Believe The Hype

By: Robert Webster, Chief Product Officer, Crimtan. Recently the ad tech world has been getting very excited about cross-device tracking. What has been a theoretical holy grail for a long time is now being touted as ready for prime time. But as much as I am personally excited about cross-device campaigns, much of the recent hype is(…)


Why Agencies & Intermederies Must Evolve With The Shift To Closed Ad Ecosystems And Marketing Automation

Walled gardens. Big media companies love walled gardens. Amazon, which was asked to speak at ATS London but predictably declined, has been aggressively pushing its data-driven bidder to most of the big trading desks globally. The new self-serve solution will be enthusiastically used by the agencies, as they look to leverage all that Amazon first party(…)


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