Marketers Are Failing to Connect TV Ads With Web Homepages

Only 20% of US television advertisers clearly showcase on their websites the products they promote on-air, according to a recent report from wywy. Some 40% of advertisers in the US do not display the products showcased on-air at all on their desktop-accessible homepages; 15% show the products with compromised visibility; and 25% include the products as part of(…)


CMO Council, Nielsen Find Marketers Love Digital, Want ROI

Remember when the idea of doing a brand campaign online was laughable? The technology wasn’t optimal, delivery options were narrow, pricing was pretty much CPM, and KPIs were click-throughs. That wasn’t so long ago, really, but neither were flip phones. Now “rich media” is as redundant as “smartphones.” Chief marketers get it, and are spending(…)


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