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Today over half of UK consumers use a smartphone and 20%use a tablet, a figure that has quadrupled in the last year alone.

The rapid increases in mobile adoption and internet usage have propelled mobile commerce forward as the fastest growing retail sector in the UK, and augmented reality is increasing becoming part of this.

This article investigates the emerging trend of augmented reality in mobile commerce strategies, and how major brands are using it in a variety of ways to drive sales.

In 2011 one in every ten pounds spent with UK high street retailers came from mobile channels

By 2012 it’s expected that shoppers will spend £4.5 billion using mobile devices, an increase of 584% in two years

Mobile commerce continues to be the fastest growing retail sector in the UK. As retailers start answering to emerging trends in consumer m-commerce behaviour, augmented reality is increasing proving to be an effective tool for capturing sales.

‘Brands are turning to AR because it puts mobile where it belongs, right at the heart of the marketing mix. Offline aspects of a brand’s marketing mix are now online and shortening the gap between customer engagement and their ability to purchase via their handset;’ Tamara Roukaerts, Head of Marketing (UK & EMEA), Aurasma.

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In a world full of smartphones, augmented reality (AR) campaigns are a very smart and unique way for brands to engage with consumers.

Instead of watching a television commercial, looking at an ad in a magazine, or seeing a quick web ad before your YouTube video, AR lets consumers actually interact with the brand.

Whether consumers are test driving a new car model, learning a new recipe, or playing a game, AR campaigns resonate with consumers in a way that most other ad platforms fall short. The ad becomes a game, versus just promotional material. And the product still comes across, which is, of course, the point of advertising.

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