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By now, most small businesses have a Facebook page. As a proactive business owner let’s assume you make daily posts and your audience is highly engaged. But you want to see more. The other day, your news feed displayed a post called a “Facebook Offer” – and wonder how you can utilise it for your business. So off to trusty google you go and you find this video (watch it now – then continue reading)

Facebook offers is a pretty neat way to drive foot traffic to your store. But that’s B2C. Let’s flip the tables and see how Facebook Offers for b2b lead generation can work for your business. Let’s say you sell legal services. In your experience many of your new clients are after a quick draft of a will. So you decide to target people who don’t have a will yet.

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If your goal is to deliver leads that you can tie back directly to your marketing investment, do not make banners the core of your enterprise B2B marketing  program. Period.

Lead generation is still one of the top objectives of enterprise B2B marketers and many B2B publishers continue to propose banners as a way to deliver leads.

Publishers that continue to do this are doing a disservice to marketers that don’t know better and are losing the respect of those that do.

Banners don’t drive leads. Remember that.

B2B Banner Lead Generation Results

Still reading? Still don’t believe me? Ok, here are how the numbers work out for different banner approaches targeting enterprise B2B audiences.


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