CMO Council, Nielsen Find Marketers Love Digital, Want ROI

Remember when the idea of doing a brand campaign online was laughable? The technology wasn’t optimal, delivery options were narrow, pricing was pretty much CPM, and KPIs were click-throughs. That wasn’t so long ago, really, but neither were flip phones. Now “rich media” is as redundant as “smartphones.” Chief marketers get it, and are spending(…)


How Starbucks Crushes It on Social Media!

Starbucks is known for lots of things: great coffee, friendly baristas, and a near-complete takeover of practically every street corner in America. Did you know it’s also known for it’s killer social media strategy? It’s true! Take a look at some of these stats! ●     37.32 million Facebook likes ●     6.56 million Twitter followers ●     2.98 million(…)


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