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It goes without saying that today’s digital marketer has an infinite set of options for reaching their target audience online. Within the single umbrella of “digital” there are multiple formats ranging from classic display media to native advertising, and from keyword marketing to high-impact video advertising. Plus, just about every device is now connected so marketers also need to think about replicating their messaging on mobile, desktop, tablets, and eventually, virtual reality.

These choices present endless options, and marketers today are under significant pressure to understand, utilize, and ultimately master them all. Stitching enough media partners together to achieve the necessary scale seems like a daunting task, let alone the process of buying, optimizing, and reporting on such a broad media plan.

If marketers do have the wherewithal to build and execute on such a plan, how then do they think about issues such as viewability, cross-device tracking, and multi-touch attribution? With so much of the “traditional digital” media ecosystem existing in the long-tail, these concerns can stop the best laid media plan in its tracks. Content publishers themselves will tell you that delivering audience at scale involves so many third party vendors and stitched-together technologies that even getting an accurate measure of ad viewability is near impossible. To continue reading please click here;

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It’s the age-old challenge for any company – invoking a feeling in consumers that they associate with the company name. No matter what the company values are, branding has been a key element of the marketing mix for years, with the end goal being to have an impact on the buying decision outside of simply product or service costs.

However, the prominence of branding could now be under threat. The rise of digital advertising capable of focusing specifically on a particular audience means that it’s now possible to directly reach individuals of a certain type – i.e. best fit customers who are likely to want to buy the product. This draws a question mark over the need for having an influence on that purchasing decision from a brand perspective.

Branding under threat?

In the modern marketing world digital advertising has the potential to be astonishingly accurate. By utilising vast levels of data and sophisticated online intelligence tools, an advertiser can pretty much pick and choose which people see its adverts.

It’s clear that cutting-edge systems and predictive analysis will drive performance, following customer journeys and giving marketers a great deal of detail to work with. Through consumer analysis and segmentation, brands can identify the types of customer they wish to target in a highly effective manner, given the level of modern data available. This results in greater efficiency, effectiveness and relevancy – the latter resulting in an improved customer experience when it comes to receiving and engaging with marketing messages. To continue reading please click the link below;

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