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Marketers and agencies are struggling to align their aims with each facing frustrations about the other. The conclusions come from the RSW/US 2015 New Year Outlook report, a survey of 123 senior level marketers and 158 marketing agency executives completed last December.

It found that marketers were frustrated by agencies with regards to things such as a lack of innovation, chasing the next shiny object, overemphasising data without understanding it and a lack of value add. There were also concerns that agencies have silos of specialisation rather than a strategy that works across all platforms.

Agencies meanwhile felt that marketers failed to take risks and had a blind belief in anything new. While agencies claim to work hard in terms of new ideas and creative thinking, they felt that many marketers discounted such ideas and compounded the problem by frequently moving agencies – meaning no loyalty or long-term relationship between the two. To continue reading please click the below link;

Source: www.marketingtechnews.net

In a new survey from RSW/US, top marketing executives were asked to identify the most troubling trend among agencies. Admittedly, their anecdotal responses were all over the map: lack of innovation, turnover, arrogance, complacency, organizational silos and more.

But one of the few common themes was in the overlapping areas of tech, data and social media. In short, many brand marketers believe agencies talk a big game but fail to deliver deep insights.

The complaint that creative-focused agencies downplay data isn’t exactly new, but agency leaders say that marketers are becoming their own worst enemies by refusing to pay for the level of depth they claim to want.

Marketers increasingly are slashing the fees they pay agencies, agency leaders point out, thereby making it more difficult to invest in senior talent that could make them smarter. Furthermore, marketers are accused of being less patient and are becoming more furtive, making some agencies less inclined to spend ahead of revenue. To continue reading please click the link below;

Source: www.adweek.com

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