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It goes without saying that today’s digital marketer has an infinite set of options for reaching their target audience online. Within the single umbrella of “digital” there are multiple formats ranging from classic display media to native advertising, and from keyword marketing to high-impact video advertising. Plus, just about every device is now connected so marketers also need to think about replicating their messaging on mobile, desktop, tablets, and eventually, virtual reality.

These choices present endless options, and marketers today are under significant pressure to understand, utilize, and ultimately master them all. Stitching enough media partners together to achieve the necessary scale seems like a daunting task, let alone the process of buying, optimizing, and reporting on such a broad media plan.

If marketers do have the wherewithal to build and execute on such a plan, how then do they think about issues such as viewability, cross-device tracking, and multi-touch attribution? With so much of the “traditional digital” media ecosystem existing in the long-tail, these concerns can stop the best laid media plan in its tracks. Content publishers themselves will tell you that delivering audience at scale involves so many third party vendors and stitched-together technologies that even getting an accurate measure of ad viewability is near impossible. To continue reading please click here;

Source: www.adweek.com

1784723-marketers-use-email-cookies-to-develop-personalized-ads-rotatorIn an overcrowded and competitive marketplace, companies will do anything to make their brand and products stand out from the crowd. One of the many benefits of online advertising is the ability to tailor adverts based on first and third party data. But is tailoring effective and how far should you take it?

Let’s take the gaming industry as an example. Consider some of the detail you could potentially get from placing a retargeting pixel on your website:

  • The user’s account name
  • The sport they last bet on
  • How much they bet
  • If they won or lost
  • How long since their last bet

Knowing all this personal information and using dynamic ads, you could create a very personalized message, such as: ‘Hi Jim, congrats on the $1,000 win yesterday. Fancy a bet on the game tonight? Bet now!’

Keep in mind that tailored advertising could potentially cause frustration or confusion if the strategy isn’t managed correctly, which illustrates the importance of taking a considered approach to personalization. To continue reading please click the link below;

Source: www.exactdrive.com

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