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What is the E-Commerce 2013 Report?

The key purpose of this report is to explore the total impact of the Internet on the purchase landscape for both on and offline transactions. The segmentation also looks at post-purchase influencers versus non-influencers, a crucial dynamic in the internet purchase landscape.

It goes on to explore which Product Categories are most impacted by the Internet by identifying which types of products are more likely to be purchased online and which are more likely to be researched online prior to the purchase regardless of whether it is transacted on or offline.

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Twitter Inc. is experimenting with becoming a shopping mall.

Twitter and American Express Co. said Monday they struck a partnership to allow Twitter users to buy products for the first time directly on the short messaging service.

American Express card holders who connect their card numbers to their Twitter accounts can post on Twitter to trigger a purchase of select products, including discounted American Express gift cards, Kindle Fire tablets from Amazon.com Inc. and jewelry from designer Donna Karan. The program will roll out over the next few days.

The arrangement hints at a potential new source of revenue for Twitter, which has largely been reliant on advertising for revenue. Neither Amex nor Twitter will discuss financial terms of their partnership, but Twitter wouldn’t rule out taking a cut of future e-commerce sales. The American Express partnership also is a way for Twitter to prove the link between marketing activity on Twitter and a ringing cash register.

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