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Facebook might have just changed the game for advertising on the social channels. In a Feb. 18 post, Facebook claims advertisers on its massive platform will – soon – pay only for ads actually seen by Facebook users, actual eyeballs on Facebook ads. Facebook calls this paying only for “viewed impressions” as opposed to what it terms merely “served” impressions.

“Viewed impressions add an extra layer of analytical rigor, as well as common sense,” explains the Facebook for Business post. “They more accurately define delivery and help ensure that people have seen the ads they’re supposed to see.

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Facebook has been working hard to convince marketers to shift part of their TV ad budget to the social network.

As part of that effort, Facebook last month tapped Nielsen to host an educational session on TV ad sales for the social network’s marketing partners, according to a source who provided Digiday with a copy of the presentation deck. After outlining the basics of the TV ad industry and declining viewership of linear TV, the deck highlights the potential for increased campaign reach with some modest reallocation of TV budgets to digital channels — such as Facebook.

The deck also cites an August 2012 case study of an $18 million national TV investment which found that a reallocation of between 0.7 to 5.0 percent of the total television budget to “a representative mix of online sites” boosted a campaign’s total reach while reducing its mixed CPM rate. To continue reading, please click the below link;

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