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Marketers in the Asia Pacific value the smartphone more highly than marketers in other areas of the world, according to research released by Adobe.

Digital Trends 2015, an econsultancy, surveyed more than 6000 marketers worldwide, with 14 per cent from Asia Pacific. About 10 per cent of marketers in the Asia Pacific said becoming a mobile-first company will be the primary way that they will differentiate their organisation from competitors, compared to 5 per cent in North America and 7 per cent in Europe.

A majority of marketers in all three regions chose customer service and customer experience as the primary way to differentiate from rivals.

“The smartphone dominates as the device of choice among the majority of APAC consumers, and is used to research, communicate and make purchases, so it makes perfect sense that more marketers here than anywhere else in the world are prioritising development of a mobile-first business,” said Adobe APAC president, Paul Robson. To continue reading please click the link below;

Source: www.cmo.com.au

The world of mobile advertising can be complicated to understand. Like so many industries that have their roots in technology, the number of different terms, functionalities and formats are akin to another language for the uninitiated. Moreover, since the early days of the smartphone, formats and styles have come on in leaps and bounds. With a vast array of ad designs to choose from, each new iteration offering improved click-through rates (CTR) and revenues, the selection process can be bewildering. For us, the key criteria in ad choice are those that are relevant, don’t annoy the recipient, and at the same time maximise revenue. Here’s a run down of the top ad formats as they’ve evolved in recent years:

 The Past

The Leaderboard and Rectangle

The launch of the iPhone and the increasing popularity of smartphones running powerful operating systems such as Android prompted an immediate need for additional ad sizes that catered for the more advanced handsets and much larger screens. Enter the Leaderboard and Rectangle banners, increasing performance by generating higher CTRs and, in turn, higher CPM’s for ads displayed on smartphones.

To see the full list of top ad formats please click the below link;

Source: digitalmarketingmagazine.co.uk

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