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According to “The Inevitability of a Mobile-Only Customer Experience,” CMOs must stop relegating mobile to agencies and instead assign someone inside the organization to champion the idea of mobile-first and mobile-only.

“Mobile’s not just another thing to bolt onto the digital strategy,” said Brian Solis, principal analyst at Altimeter. “Mobile, to put it nicely, is underappreciated or even misunderstood as a channel and as a platform. Even the more advanced brands that are thinking mobile-first are merely adapting a legacy digital philosophy to a smaller screen.” To continue reading please click the link below;

Source: www.cmo.com

In order for brands to continue reaping the benefits of mobile we need to recognise and address the main problem that hindered marketers in 2014: cross-device attribution; essentially seeing how people are moving between devices – across mobile apps and the desktop – before they convert.

This challenge has been developing for some time. As different marketing technologies became available over the past decade or so, companies have invested in marketing solutions at various stages to seize new opportunities.

The primary problem is often that multiple specialist technology is involved, or a main service provider will not update their offering soon enough to deliver for mobile, or integrate with the specialists who do. And when data comes from many disparate platforms, it becomes almost impossible to unify.

Imagine running a mobile campaign on one platform and a desktop campaign on another, but without a link between the two. You create two data sets which display similarities but, due to the behavioural differences across platforms, are difficult to align. To continue reading please click the below link;

Source: www.marketingtechnews.net

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