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In one of the largest studies of people’s attitudes towards native advertising, 62 percent said that it didn’t help to enhance the reputation of news sites, but it did help brands to be seen on highly trusted media sites.

Native advertising, a form of advertising designed to look similar to “native” media content such as news or feature articles written by journalists, is where it’s at right now. If a marketer isn’t already doing it, he’s trying to figure out how to do it.

The study, “Getting Sponsored Content Right: The Consumer View,” was conducted by the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) and Edelman, the world’s largest privately owned public relations firm. Study managers asked 5,000 nationally represented consumers of online news to comment on the effectiveness of native advertising across three verticals: general news, business news, and entertainment news.

The study was sponsored by TripleLift, described as “a native advertising technology company.”

The study ultimately indicates that — at least right now — media companies carry a far higher risk to their reputation and value perception in allowing native advertising than their brand advertisers. Interestingly, native advertising on business and entertainment news sites was less problematic than on general news sites — most likely a sign that people still know the difference between critical news that shouldn’t be tampered with and “other news” that is largely inconsequential and for entertainment purposes.

A major takeaway from the study was that brands on credible media sites benefit tremendously: 88 percent favorable response on credible sites versus 66 percent on non-credible sites. That’s a 33 percent boost — nothing to shake a stick at, as they say.

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Source: www.mobilemarketingwatch.com

Native advertising spending among advertisers is expected to triple between 2013 and 2015, with professionals increasingly seeing native strategy as a valuable complement to content marketing, according to new research commissioned by Purch.

According to the study, advertisers use native strategy to achieve many of the same goals as traditional content marketing. Seventy-one percent of advertisers surveyed said branding was a main objective of their native campaigns—sales and conversions were close behind, with 65 percent placing a high priority on that goal.

Overall, the study concluded that as advertisers focus on campaign performance and the growth of their brand through their marketing strategy, they are warming up quickly to native content as well as the programmatic buying of digital ads.

“The takeaway for digital content providers is that to stay ahead of the curve, you must find ways to customize and innovate on both of these offerings to achieve, and exceed, the branding and performance metrics put forth by advertisers,” said Purch Chief Risk Officer Mike Kisseberth.

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