Native Advertising Value Soars as Advertisers Target Growth, Execution

Native advertising spending among advertisers is expected to triple between 2013 and 2015, with professionals increasingly seeing native strategy as a valuable complement to content marketing, according to new research commissioned by Purch.

According to the study, advertisers use native strategy to achieve many of the same goals as traditional content marketing. Seventy-one percent of advertisers surveyed said branding was a main objective of their native campaigns—sales and conversions were close behind, with 65 percent placing a high priority on that goal.

Overall, the study concluded that as advertisers focus on campaign performance and the growth of their brand through their marketing strategy, they are warming up quickly to native content as well as the programmatic buying of digital ads.

“The takeaway for digital content providers is that to stay ahead of the curve, you must find ways to customize and innovate on both of these offerings to achieve, and exceed, the branding and performance metrics put forth by advertisers,” said Purch Chief Risk Officer Mike Kisseberth.

Among the research’s most significant findings was the way advertisers prefer to incorporate native campaigns. Forty-seven percent prefer to have native content that lives within a hosting site as in-feed sponsored content, similar to how sponsored advertising appears within a Facebook News Feed. For native campaigns that redirect users to an off-site landing page, adoption is much lower—only 28 percent said they were likely to take this approach.

Given the rapid evolution of marketing and advertising on the digital front, most advertisers aren’t concerned that native advertising is not currently enabled on most programmatic platforms. They anticipate that those platforms will adapt their services in the near future. Forty-two percent of advertisers expect those platforms to launch a large-scale adoption of native ad programs within six months, and 79 percent expect those opportunities to come within 12 months.

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