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Last year, sales of smartphones reached to all time highest. At present, Android is accounting for 42% of all consumer computing devices. During the entire last year, number of changes were seen in smartphone segment; even software giant Microsoft also jumped into hardware manufacturing. Indeed, it’s quite interesting to know the smartphone market share trend in 2012. By the end of last year, Android accounted for 37% of entire smartphone web traffic, followed by iOS and Series 40. It’s important to know the smartphone web traffic because it shows actual use of internet on smartphones.

More importantly, Android was unilaterally dominating across top smartphones markets including the U.S., U.K., China, Japan and South Korea. Interestingly, in Japan, 90% of smartphones sold in 2012 were Android, while in China, the OS accounted for 67% of smartphone market share in terms of shipments.

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Why the future of television will be concentrated in a few hands as consumers crave second-screens for applications and viewing on-demand.

There are several trends in television that will concentrate hardware sales in the hands of just a few companies, but will enable consumers to have a much deeper televisual experience.

How Television Will be Consumed

On February 1st, 2013 Netflix released its first commissioned series, House of Cards. Not only was this a first for the company, it was a first in another sense too.

Television series have been traditionally released on a schedule. This made sense in an era of over-the-air broadcasts when distribution was limited by available slots.

However, in an era where television is distributed by broadband internet, people are consuming programmes at their own speed. For some, that might be occasionally, but for many they binge on a series until it’s finished. This was Netflix’s bet, that consumers would seen value in being able to consume the whole series at once, which many did.

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