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While the multiple tools you use to market your auto dealership are closely interrelated, it’s less clear the impact each tactic has upon the others and what implications this means for your business. Of course, you can always connect the dots when a customer tells you they’re purchasing a car because they saw your TV ad. However, you need to take a look at your core metrics much more carefully when you want to determine how display ads influence search marketing for your company.

A recent report conducted by Harvard Business School explored the implications of the relationship between display ads and search marketing, and delved deep into the concept known as attribution. This process analyzes user actions to look at the chain of events that result in a desired action; in the case of your dealership, the goal is a car purchase. The study’s findings were significant.

Display Ads Have a Critical Impact on Search Marketing

When you’re dedicating sizeable marketing dollars to an online marketing campaign, you need to know how each method is performing and determine the best ways to make each more cost-effective. The HBS study found that display ads were effective in increasing search traffic, as well as more clicks on search results and more product purchases. Here, the phenomenon of attribution demonstrated how display ads influence search marketing: there is a direct correlation between dynamic display marketing and the increase in search volume, click through rate, and sales conversions. To continue reading please click the below link;

Source: www.speedshiftmedia.com

As if traditional media needed more bad news: November 2014 polling by Edelman found that online search engines had surpassed traditional media to become the most-trusted media source globally. The firm’s 2015 report revealed that 64% of internet users worldwide trusted online search engines the most (vs. 63% the prior year) for information. Meanwhile, traditional media saw its response rate fall from 65% to 62% year over year.

Hybrid media—which blends traditional and digital formats—sat in third place, holding tight at 53% of respondents. While social media and owned media rounded out the list, both saw decent gains. Nearly half of respondents trusted social media for news and information, compared with 45% the prior year, and the response rate for owned media rose from 44% to 47%. To continue reading please click the below link;

Source: www.emarketer.com

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