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Have you noticed there seem to be more commercials crammed into your favorite reruns on cable than ever before? These days, trying to watch without a DVR to skip the ads is essentially a trial of attention — it’s as if the TV show itself has been reduced to a mere gap between ads for cat litter and trade schools. Well, it’s not just you. In order to make more space for ads, networks are increasingly using software to speed up re-runs of syndicated shows. It’s called time warping, and it’s the reason you’re seeing a little less Seinfeld and a lot more nonsense.

Brought to light by a recent post on Reddit, a Youtube poster with far too much time on his hands (no pun intended) exposed this dubious device of commercial chicanery with a scientific experiment of sorts. Using a live airing of Seinfeld on TBS, the Youtube user in question pulled that same episode up from a 10-year-old digital recording from Fox Chicago — don’t ask why he had it, it’s the Internet — discovering the live episode gained 15 seconds on its aged counterpart in about 3 minutes. Expanded over the entire episode, it amounts to around 2 minutes of free airtime per episode, filled in by glorious commercials. To continue reading please click the link below;

Source: www.digitaltrends.com

With consumers now turning to their smartphones and tablets during TV ad breaks, the nature of advertising is changing.In the digital age a number of mediums have joined TV as lucrative ways to market businesses.

From social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram to simply creating online content, the modern-day marketing expert must have a firm grasp on all of the available methods to promote their company.

What exactly is TV syncing?

TV syncing is about synchronising delivery of ad campaigns across multiple screens simultaneously to encourage better consumer engagement. There are various ways to achieve this, including:

  1. Utilising TV-synced online ads – which appear on second screens the moment a related TV commercial airs – to recapture viewers’ attention
  2. Synced homepages – where the TV advertised product appears on the advertiser’s homepage the instant the commercial is broadcast

 There are various ways that performance can be measured depending on the type of TV syncing used. For TV-synced online ads, advertisers can measure the extent of recaptured audience attention using the traditional TV metric of GRP, or its online equivalent – Active GRP. To continue reading, please click the below link;

Source: www.businessrevieweurope.eu

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