Twitter Analytics Could Turn Us Into Engagement Addicts

I’m impressed by the new Twitter analytics dashboard but I’m also a little concerned about what it might do to the way we tweet.

Among various charts and graphs, the dashboard – currently available to verified, and some unverified, users – gives a presumably accurate count for how many people have seen your tweets. Meanwhile, an ‘Engagement’ figure for each tweet counts clickthroughs to profile pages, clicks on hashtags, retweets, replies, link clicks and the like.

This is incredibly powerful data for social media marketers, but could we be spoiled by it as individual users?

I’ve bookmarked my analytics page and will no doubt check it regularly to see how I’m ‘performing’ but it’s data I might be better not knowing. I can imagine a near future where a lot of the human touch of Twitter is stripped away as users regularly check their stats, seeing what tweets are most popular and tweaking their ‘strategy’ to get more ‘engagement’ and reach a wider audience.

Imagine the ‘and-you’ll-never-believe-what-happened-next-ization’ that has affected online publications in recent times spreading to stats-hungry individuals. “I’ve just eaten a sandwich” replaced by “I’ve just eaten a #sandwich. Here’s a picture of it. Tell me about your favorite sandwich!”

Think that scenario’s unlikely? I’ve already seen people share their total monthly tweet impression counts. It’s like video games – who doesn’t want to get a higher score? Sure, we’ve had retweet and Favorite counts for some time (and some people’s tweets are definitely influenced by those), but the new analytics take data about our personal Twitter accounts to a whole new level. Even if we don’t deliberately change the way we tweet, subconciously it could be a different story.

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Brands Having Awesome Conversations on Twitter

Take a look at some brands having awesome conversations on Twitter – and building brand loyalty while they’re at it.

Is it possible for a company to have a personality? Now more than ever. Social media has transformed into a digital world full of opportunities for brands to voice their opinion and show off their personality.

There is no denying it, these brands are not above a good conversation. They are clever, witty, helpful and are sometimes just straight up funny. They have discovered a great way to interact and connect with customers — by showing charisma and charm. This gives big brands a human-like quality that can’t be ignored. I mean, how could you not want to follow an account that you would want to be friends with in real life? Here are some brands having awesome conversations on Twitter:



Why #Hashtags matter for TV shows

While some critics argue the second screen experience of looking at a device while a show is on serves to distract viewers networks see nothing but an upside.

During fresh episodes of “Pretty Little Liars,” the marketing and publicity teams at ABC Family huddle in a conference room to tweet live with fans.

So do cast members and the show’s producers from where and when they can – and the dialogue often pays off.

Nielsen’s Twitter tracking division said “PLL” is the top-tweeted show and ranked No. 1 for the week of June 16-22.

“From a very top level perspective we talk about Twitter being the new water cooler,” said Danielle Mullin, the network’s vice president of marketing.

While some critics argue the second screen experience of looking at a device while a show is on serves to distract viewers, networks see nothing but an upside.

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